The Girls That End in E

Whiskey Soaked Panties


My first book is titled Whiskey Soaked Panties. I came up with this title because they are two of my favorite things in the world. So, to me, it just made sense to me to put the two together for the title of my book.

Whiskey Soaked Panties is a coming-of-age story told through my own eyes. I had some interesting experiences throughout my youth and young adulthood. People were always telling me how funny my stories were and I should write them down. It took a while, but I finally got enough of the stories together to write this book. Little did I know I might have enough material for a possible second, maybe even a third. That is why there is a book title and a volume title. I originally named this book, Girls That End In “E” because it seemed like every girl I ever dated had an “E” sound on the end of their name when you said it. A girl friend of mine actually pointed it out to me years ago. Ironically her name was one of the few that actually did not end in “E”.

The stories are centered around the relationships I had with detailed accounts of my experiences; some funny, some graphic and some are downright tragic. The first part of the book is about the very first times I discover girls and alcohol. Then I fall in deeply in love, blah, blah, blah, which I only briefly touch on. Do not worry guys, it’s only one page. And the rest is an internal struggle I have with trying to get over that love and the types of intimate distractions I pursue.

That’s the deep part of the book for the women to enjoy, but in reality it’s a series of humorous male tales told from my very odd sense of humor. I do not want to get into detail about the stories, because I want them to be a surprise when you read them. They are conversational in nature and very similar to the blog posts with girls names with an "E" ending.  I hope most of the people that read my book can relate, because they are the kinds of things that happen to us all as human beings.

This is book which has a lot of sex in it. A mature reader will be able to read this and see it’s not just a bunch of stories about sexual encounters. They will see the humor in the stories and really understand that the situations I tell about is what shapes my persona. It is very graphic at times and is not meant for an immature audience. The stories are about what really does go through a guy’s minds when dealing with the opposite sex in numerous different types of situations.

To me and many of us sex is not always perfectly romantic as television and movies make it. Sex is: messy, funny, awkward, nerve racking, intense, sensuous, passionate, wonderful and many other emotions that overwhelm us when we are going through the act.

I know in times you will read about me and sometimes think I am a complete asshole. Then at other times you will read what I do and think I am a super nice guy.

I am actually both.

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